Green Tea comes from the same plant as other teas; the Camellia Sinensis, it is simply treated in a different way to give it the unusual flavour so many know and love. 

Green tea was reportedly first brewed in 2737 BC during the reign of Emperor Shennong and has been drunk both as a beverage and for its reported health benefits ever since.

Green Tea Bags & Loose Leaf

Green Tea

English Garden blend a refreshing and healthy Green tea available tagged in envelopes.

Jasmine Leaf Tea

Jasmine Green Leaf Tea

Combines the light, floral fragrance of Jasmine flowers with the green leaves to give it a lightly honeyed brew with a delicate taste.

Tea Vac Storage

English Garden Tea Vac

An elegant tea vacuum especially commissioned for English Garden Tea. This tea vac stores 500g of loose tea, protects from light damage and ensures fresh taste, drawing a partial vacum each time you reseal it.

Green Tea with Mint Tea Bags

Green Tea & Mint

Available in an envelope with tag.