English Garden Tea sources the leaves for our black tea blends from East Africa the world’s biggest exporter of tea.

Although not indigenous to the continent; teas from East Africa tend to be high in antioxidants and enjoy the quality and consistency afforded by the year-round growing season and high altitude plantations.

English Garden Tea blend the following black teas: 

Finest Decaf Breakfast Tea Bags

Traditional English Breakfast

A bright lively tea, strong enough to help you wake up in the morning, but suitable for any time of day.
Available as loose tea leaf, tagged, square bagged or in an envelope with tag.

Earl Grey Tea Bags

Earl Grey

A light refreshing tea, flavoured with the oils of the bergamot orange.
Available as loose tea leaf, in an envelope with tag or as part of the Tea Selection of 5 favourite flavours.

Decaf English Breakfast Tea Bags

Decaffeinated Tea

A full strength traditional ‘English Breakfast’ tea but without the caffeine.
Available in an envelope with a tag in a variety of pack sizes.

A black tea flavoured with lemon

Available in an envelope with tag.